sono io, che respiro solo sott’acqua?

By the sea

there are 

haunted drops

of a you

who was

made to leave

to the salt

salty liquid

in which you blazed

and are remembered

In other gestures

in others breaths and

strokes which go

beyond what is visible.

Ist das

konservierbar, fragen Sie? 

We wanna be

Like the inside of shells

Soft and moist and unknown

Till someone collects the flesh

And hands grabbing greedily

While a fur is healing all the craving

And grapes pouring down our throats

Like a porch the lake in front

Today more or less in shades it lies. 

Entering where the wind does

Cracking the crack crackled

All which is barred for the human wish

And the fingers skin so fragile and soft

Ripping on it, just a little bit

Blood on you, blood on me


Imagina que
respiras bajo el agua, ¿qué colores entran en tus pulmones?

Pull the mouth wide open
Pull the mouth this way
Pull the mouth the other way
Upturning of the corners of the mouth
Bare the teeth
Clench the teeth
Close the mouth
Press the lips together
Hissing through the teeth
Fizzing like snakes
Toss the head back and forth
Hold the belly
Sway the body
Shake the body
Move the hips
Left to right
Right to left
Wave the arms
Up and down
And up and down again
Go down on your knees
Round the back
Release the neck
Slap the tigh
Slap the tigh again
Slap the tigh
Slap the tigh again

De tu saliva se necesita para hacer crecer un árbol?

Call on what is called
A voice
A howl
Call on what is called
A ghost
A being
Call on what is called
A fortress
A mountain
Call on what is called
A tongue lost to soil

To Call On The Birds
We want the raw
Spirit of life
The jumbled and disorganized
Rush of dancing on the top
Of all the little things
A stack of curious coatings
To be freed of
We want the potion of wildness
Which inhabit all our bones
And all our cells on spitting fire
We want the stuff of life
Running down on us
The uncooked and
The rawish things
Wake up you all
And come with us
Our colours are more vivid
And we have a pack of
Wolves set free of
Whatever held us
Down and imprisoned
We want the messy tigerish
And all the vivid features
The havoc of all we always knew we were
We want the trembling words
To soften the voice and yet
Empower what has gone
Or became invisible
Wake up you all
And come with us
Then what good is any of it
If there is no common
Howling in the dark
Till the highest trees and
The deepest waters
Under the soil where we find shelter
The roaring ravishing
Is floating downstream
We cross our tracks
Our arms are stretching high
While our knees bend deep
Connect our thoughts
Loosen the glass
Stick out the tongue
We want the stuff of life
To find cracks pouring
Down on us
We want nothing but
The current moment
Made of layers and layers
On top of each other
We are gushing out
Muddy treasures
A handful of crumbs
To call on the birds
Whose language we will never speak
Wake up you all
And come with us